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No one corporate group has enjoyed the success by having completed more transactions (in terms of dollars, in number of transactions and in diversity - both domestically and internationally) for the corporate middle market than The EMCO/Hanover Group.

As such, EMCO/Hanover is considered America's leading experts in capital in the corporate middle market, specializing in: Corporate involvements, including capital sourcing; the design and validation of executive compensation; business valuations – including fairness and 15(c)211 opinions; acting as an expert witness in litigation support – involving some two dozen industries – as qualified and accepted by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the Tax Court; mergers and acquisitions; plus advisement in all areas of executive management and the Board of Directors, including fiduciary responsibilities.

EMCO/Hanover’s expertise has involved companies in North America, including Canada and Mexico – plus Central and South America along with Europe, the Middle and Far East plus Africa where its efforts have been recognized by commendations from the White House, The U.S. Congress along with various State Governments; the Far East, including China where its Chairman has received a number of accolades; plus other international zones (Europe, the Middle East and Africa); and by The Central American Parliament.

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*Certificate to EMCO/ Hanover's Chairman from Los Angeles Mayor congratulating 50 years of service to Los Angeles and for his support for his involvement, as a Co-Founder, of 28th Amendment to U.S. Constitution for Women's Equal Rights.
*Various Stock Exchange Listing Requirements and SEC Forms

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