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"Merchant Banker Lends Hand When Things Get Tough" October Tribune/News
"Expert Says Troubled Firms Need Cohesive Plan" November Evening Outlook
"Crisis Busting: Tips for an Ailing Business" February Los Angeles Magazine
"Enterprise Interview: Bruce W. Barren--"Merchant Banker" " February The Enterprise
"Barren, Top Award of Merit Honor from LA County Supervisors" May Los Angeles Times
"Keeping a Business Healthy" May Retailer News
"A Bankers Look at Business" July Small Business Report (American Management Association)
"The Business Doctor" August Orange County Business Journal
"Corporate "Doctors" Can Salvage Troubled Firms" August The Tribune
"Merchant Banker Says Capital Sources Turning Away from Local High-Tech" September Corporate Times
"This Consultant Troubleshoots Corporate Woes" November San Diego Daily Transcript
"Tips from a Banker" January San Francisco Examiner
"EMCO Chairman Analyzes Revamping of Four Winds" March Shipping and Trade News (Tokyo, Japan)
"L.A. May Anoint First Economic "Czar" " July Los Angeles Business Journal
"How to Manage a Consultant" September The Times (London)
"Meyers to Pay $2-$5 Million for Four Winds" September San Diego Daily Transcript
"Business Helper Bruce Barren Gets Four Winds Blowing in Right Direction" October Los Angeles Business Journal
"Where UK Fails in Business" December Today (U.K. Edition)
"Got a Sick Company? Business Doctor Barren Prescribes Vigilance, Tried and True Remedies" July Los Angeles Business Journal
"Consultant Offers Money Losers a One-month Gambit to Win "Hardship" Refunds from IRS" November Los Angeles Business Journal
"Its Critical to Have a Clear Understanding of Your Banker's Needs Before Asking for a Loan" December Los Angeles Business Journal
"Nurture Rising Managers, or Risk Losing Them" January Daily News
"US Fund to Groom Companies for Takeover" March Financial Times (London)
"Why California Executives are Different" May Daily News
"Investment Bank Boutiques" May Investment Age
"The Bank as Business Partner" July Small Business Report (American Management Association)
"Two Methods Exist for "Receivables Financing" Strategy" September Los Angeles Business Journal
"The British Connection" January Daily News
"Bruce Barren, Business Doctor" February Working World
"Lender Liability vs. the Turnaround Consultant" February Los Angeles Business Journal
"Employee Stock Ownership Plans Offer an Out for Business Owners Who Need Control" March Los Angeles Business Journal
"Making Sure Your Banker is Ready When You Are" April Financial Broadcasting News
"Creditor Reconstructing: an Alternative to Chapter 11" April Small Business Reports (American Management Association)
"A Capital Idea: Know Exactly What You're Doing When it Comes Down to Capital Needs" May Los Angeles Business Journal
"Business Pitfalls to Avoid" June Daily News
"Business Success Formula" July Southern California Business (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
"Cash Remains King" July Business to Business
"Mending Your Finances Without Bankruptcy" July San Gabriel Valley Tribune
"Rx for Business Success" August Business to Business
"Avoiding Undercapitalization" August Small Business Reports (American Management Association)
"Keeping Those Key Executives" August Business to Business
"Mending Your Finances Without Bankruptcy" August Financial Broadcast Network
"Seeking Capital" September Business to Business
"Merchant Banking - The North American Variant" October Invest America
"There is Nothing Like Starting a Business or like the Common Perils That Can Hit You" February Los Angeles Business Journal
"10 Points on Selling Your Business"

Premiere Issue

Connections to Excellence
"Business Doctor Bruce Barren Talks Tough on America's Business Future" May Long Beach Business Journal
"Getting Financing in 1990" June Small Business Reports (American Management Association)
"Capital Offense" June Entrepreneur
"When Seeking Capital During the Life of Your Business" Volume 3 Connections to Excellence
"Vital Voices: Advice from the Top" Volume 3 Connections to Excellence
"Avoiding the Pitfalls of an Unrealistic Business Valuation" August Dallas Business Journal
"Keep Up with Your Value" August San Antonio Express News
"To Get Credit, Do Homework" August Houston Chronicle
"Texas Real Estate Market Improving" September Temple Daily Telegram (Dallas, Texas)
"Finding Capital in '90s Won't be Easy" October The Business Press (Fort Worth, Texas)
"Financier Gives Advice on Dealing with Banks in Good Times and Bad" October Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"Chapter 11 Bankruptcy" April Small Business Reports (American Management Association)
"A Good Fiscal Workout" April California Business Magazine
"Recession Will Return After '92 Elections" June Los Angeles Business Journal
"Solving Barbados' Fiscal Dilemma" July Barbados Business Magazine
"Huge Debt Indicates Recession Isn't Over Yet" August Houston Business Journal
"Dimension Visions Group Ltd." September The Wall Street Journal
"12 Guidelines Toward Effective Cash Management and Credit Collection" September Los Angeles Business Journal
"Capital-Starved Business" October International Business
"Finding Capital in 1990s Won't be Easy" Winter Commercial Finance Conference of California, Inc.
"Current U.S. Economic Recovery Slow to Moderate-- Deeper Recession: 1993" Spring Commercial Financial Conference of California, Inc.
"Euro Car Dealers Face Tight Roads in Roads To Riches" March Orange County Business Journal
"Dealer Turns to Turnaround Expert" March Orange County Business Journal
"Financial Help is Here But Getting Your Act Together is First Step May Los Angeles Business Journal
"Cash Remains King -- A Symptom to Troubled Companies" Summer Commercial Finance Conference of California, Inc.
"Tough Times Call for Credit Collection Policy Review" October Business Credit
"Key Financial Ratios" Sept./Oct. The Secured Lender
"A Dozen Ways to Sharpen Your Firm's Collections" November Nations Business
"Funding Strategies" Winter Outlook (Publication of the California Society of CPAs)
"Brush Up on Your Business Ratios to Impress Lenders and Investors" January Los Angeles Business Journal
"Key Financial Ratios" Fall/Winter Commercial Finance Conference of California, Inc.
"Executive Compensation: Is the IRS Looking For You?" June Chief Executive
"Credit Guidelines -- "A Baker's Dozen" " June Credit and Collections Manager's Letter (BBP/Prentice Hall Newsletters)
"Getting Into the Lender's Head Helps a Borrower Get Quick Loan Approval" September Los Angeles Business Journal
"Filling Out Forms May be the Most Important Step In Getting Your Loan" September Los Angeles Business Journal
"There Is a Way to Outwit The Grinch Eyeing Your Problem Loan Portfolio" December Los Angeles Business Journal
"The Corporate Credit Write-Up Process" Fall Commercial Finance Conference of California, Inc.
"Going Public Takes Time, Money - and Careful Attention to Details" July Los Angeles Business Journal
"How to Get the Best Terms When Raising Capital" May Controller's Cost Report
"Need Capital? Don't Let Ego Blow the Deal" September CFO & Controller Alert
"What to Do When You're Faced with a Cash Crunch" October CFO & Controller Alert
"Business Valuation Expert can Carry a Big Price Tag - Follow These Strategies to Protect Your Firm" December CFO & Controller Alert
"Creative Finance: New way to pay vendors in stock, preserve cash" February CFO & Controller Alert
"Raising money: Hunting for the best deal from lenders" April CFO & Controller Alert
"Team up with the money men to get the backing you need" August Facility Manager's Alert
"The downside of I.R.S. reform: Audits will get tougher" August CFO & Controller Alert
"Are you sure you have the right Directors' & Officers' insurance?" July CFO & Controller Alert
"Raising capital: More competition, less availability by the Year 2000" September CFO & Controller Alert
"Tax savings: Combining an S-Corp and ESOP may be the ticket" November CFO & Controller Alert

"Receivables financing: You have CFO & Controller more options, but costs are up"

April CFO & Controller Alert

"Creative financing: A ‘hot’ market CFO & Controller makes alternatives easy to overlook"

June CFO & Controller Alert

"New ‘Un-IPO’ offers best of both CFO & Controller worlds - but is it right for you?"

August CFO & Controller Alert

"Financial Reform Could Change The Rules of Merchant Banking"

August KPMG Banking Insider, an internet publication

"Financing: With cash getting tight, packaging matters more than ever."

October CFO & Controller Alert
...AND GIVING HELP October CFO & Controller Alert
"Banks' Big Adventure in Venture Capital" December  KPMG's Banking Insider
"CMGI Chief sees salary double" November The Boston Herald
"Chinese Banking: A WTO Waiting Game"
February KPMG's Banking Insider
"Early signs say downturn: Will they squeeze you for cash?"
March CFO & Controller Alert
"KPMG Analysis Internet: VC Flooding into Latin America" April KMPG Banking Insider
"Phanton stock keeps execs happy - and defers payouts" April CFO & Controller Alert
"KPMG Analysis: Commercial Loan Portfolios Brace For Rate Hike" May KMPG Banking Insider
"Report from New York: Techs Are Being Revalued" May - an European Internet Publication
"KPMG Analysis - Commercial Real Estate: More Money, More Building, More Risk" June KPMG Banking Insider
"Banks' Big Adventure in Venture Capital" January KPMG Banking Insider
"KPMG Analysis Banks Incubating New Businesses" August KPMG Banking Insider
"New anti-money laundering guidelines issued" December Long Island Business News
"KPMG Analysis: Money Laundering Proposals Rankle Banks Again" January KPMG Banking Insider

"KPMG Analysis: Internet No Savior For Trade Finance Business"

April KPMG Banking Insider

"KPMG Analysis: Distressed Debt Draws  New Investors"

April KPMG Banking Insider
"KPMG Analysis: Internet Bond Sales Found Treasure or Just Junk" June KPMG Banking Insider
"KPMG Analysis: Asset-Based Lending Becomes Fashionable" July KPMG Banking Insider
"KPMG Newsdesk: Attacks Nearly Break Food Manufacturers’ Supply Chain" October KPMG US Home
 "KPMG Analysis:Food Company M&A: The Brand’s the Thing" January KPMG Banking Insider
"KPMG Analysis: Consumer Products Companies Try to See the Silver Lining In Private-Label Brands" March KPMG's Consumer Markets Insiders Focus
"KPMG Insiders: Supermarket In-Store Franchises Aren't Just Taking Up Space" April KPMG Banking Insider
"KPMG Insiders: Department Stores, Clothes Retailers Trying To Sell By Design" June KPMG Banking Insider
"Merchant Banking - The North American Variant" January Leveraged Capital Newsletter
"Global Medical Products holdings, Inc. - Presentation At Local Hospital" February Shanghai News
"Fairfield County Waterfront Property, Recession Proof" July Stanford Advocate
"KPMG Analysis: Specialty Foods, Supermarkets Need Each Other, But Often Don't Do Business" July KPMG Banking Insider
Slotting Fees Retard Differentiation Summer RetailWire Digest
Creating the Right Exit Strategy February American Venture
Disney Directors Vote Themselves a Raise July Investors Business Daily
Disney Directors Raise Their own Wages July CBS
Can booming sales bankrupt a business November Finance 21
Show Me The Money: Finding Hidden Sources of Capital Jan./Feb. Executive Decision
Commodities Futures Take Food Companies For a Ride January KMPG’s Consumer Markets Insider
5 Traps To Avoid When the Cash Finally Rolls In February Finance 21 for CFO’s & Controllers
Retailers, Manufacturers Fighting Transit Deadheading May KMPG’s Consumer Markets Insider
Merger Ahead July/Aug. Executive Decision
Keys To Collecting (Faster and Smarter Than Ever) August Finance 21
Savvy A/P Practices That Juice Up Your Cash Flow October Finance 21
Consumer Products Companies Can't Keep on Truckin' October KMPG’s Consumer Markets Insider
Updating China's Healthcare February
10 Crucial Exit Strategies Leading to a Successful Sale of Your Business March
Turning Around a Troubled Business April/May BluePrints, The Produce Professionals Quarterly Journal
Sunnylife, Front Page May Baotou Evening News - China
A Novel Therapy for China: HMOs June Los Angeles Times
Retailers' New Demands on Food and Consumer Products Companies April KMPG's Consumer Markets Insider
Indian Retail: An Opportunity or Trap for American Companies June KMPG's Consumer Markets Insider
Consumer Products Companies Discover    It's Not Easy Being Green August KMPG's Consumer Markets Insider
Corporate Indecision: Will Someone Make a Decision Jan/Feb Executive Decision
You Need an Exit Strategy Before You Even Start Jan
Mexican Retail Tied to U.S. Economy May KPMG's Consumer Markets Insider
Private Equity Sees a Markdown On Retail June KPMG's Consumer Markets Insider
Companies Search for Sustainable Packaging Savings   August KPMG's Consumer Markets Insider
For retailers, Holiday Gloom Points to a Dreary 2008 November KPMG's Consumer Markets Insider
For Retailers, ‘Recession’ Means ‘Contraction’ January KPMG's Consumer Markets Insider
Shenyang Municipal Government Mayor - - - - April Shenyang Daily Newspaper
Mayor Mr. Li Yingjie along with other - - - - - April Shenyang Daily Newspaper

Private Label Specialty Foods May Give

Consumers Cheaper Alternative May KPMG's Consumer Markets Insider

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After 2008, Mr. Barren basically limited himself in doing articles and interviews except in an highly unusual situation. For example, in 1991, Mr. Barren predicted the ecomonic recession following the economic expansion of the Reagan years. The same held true following the Clinton years followed by George Bush whose tenure in office was colored by recession which only deeped during President Obama's first term where money was printed without any reasonable thought. In 2011, Mr. Barren further predicted that the price of gold would settle in the $1,800 range which is true of today where its price, as of November 25, 2012 is at $1,751. See his commetary in London's The Daily Telegraph dated 6 November 2011 titled: Ore or Nothing.: