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The Mayor of Shenyang, Mr. Li Yingjie meets with The Hanover Group’s Guests

Images of Mr. Bruce Barren meeting with the Mayor of Shenyang

Mayor Li Yingjie met with Mr. Bruce Barren, who is the chairman of the Hanover Group. Mr. Li, Mr. Barren and other key city officials had a discussion regarding The Hanover Group’s interest in investing in Shenyang Water Group’s infrastructure construction and water facility plants.

Mr. Li states that last year Shenyang municipal government reformed its public utilities’ industry system. Most importantly, Shenyang formed its first Shenyang Water Group, Inc. SWG is first of its kind: "It puts the initiative on the so called Three Integrations”: 1). “Urban overall water resource region integrating management”, 2) “Water supplying, sewage water treatment, water drainage and urban underground water source’s integrating operation” and 3) “water source’s production, servicing and capitalizing integrating operation.”

“Today, Shenyang’s economic growth rate is increasing. Its Eco-environment construction continues to grow as well. Shenyang requires a higher standard water resource’s developing, supplying, recycling and re-using” the Mayor says.

Mr. Li Yingjie says “Shenyang will continue open its policies towards its water industry. Shenyang would like to attract more domestic and foreign strategic investors; adopts more ways of cooperation with foreign investors. Shenyang will strengthen development and managing of its water resources, increasing Shenyang’s economic growth and benefitting the people of Shenyang.”

Lastly, Shenyang Mayor Li Yingjie hopes that The Hanover Group and Shenyang Water Group can quickly reach a final agreement on their cooperation. The Mayor and Mr. Barren were subsequently broadcast on Chinese Television. To see the clip therefrom, click here.

Following the meeting with the Mayor, Mr. Li Yingjie named Mr. Barren the honorary financial and economic adviser to the City of Shenyang. As part of his appointment Mr. Barren will attend the City’s yearly economic forum and other key meeting with the Mayor of Shenyang. This is a great honor. Mr. Barren is the first foreigner to be appointed to be city’s adviser. At the end of the one hour meeting, the mayor invited Mr. Barren for a formal luncheon in the banquet room of City’s building.

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